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Stadium Safety

The MUVI HD Pro has established itself as the body warn camera of choice of the English Football Premier League with many of the clubs adopting it as standard for stadium safety.

“The MUVI HD Pro body worn cameras enable us to capture high quality on the ground crowd control footage, leading to convictions, that CCTV does not have the ability to capture. They offer a degree of protection to our staff and are to be tailor-made for football crowd control”

Paul Owens – Deputy Safety Manager / Aston Villa Football Club




Popular mounts for Stadium Safety

VCC-A042-SC MUVI™ K-Series Spring Clip Atom / K Series / Muvi

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VCC-A021-KLK - MUVI™ HD Klick Fast Leather holder

VCC-A021-KLK – MUVI™ HD Klick Fast Leather holder Muvi HD / Muvi HD / Muvi HD

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VCC-A022-KLD – MUVI™ Peter Jones Klick Fast Screw
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